Sunday, December 13, 2009

Serengeti Resort

One of our most recent shows was at the Serengeti Resort in Bergheim, TX.  I had heard this place was great, but I had no idea just how amazing it was until we arrived!  As we were driving to the resort, the scenery became quite different from what I am used to in Texas.  The trees started to seem more and more like the trees you see in nature documentaries of Africa, and as we got closer, we began to see zebras, ostriches, a camel, and even a giraffe! 

The show that night was a benefit for battered women's shelters.  I've always had a soft spot for charities like this one and have always tried to help support them in any way I can over the years.  A special thanks to Lori Hagee at the resort for putting this together and for treating us so well.  I met a lot of great people that night that shared their stories with me, and even made a new buddy--a little girl named Brenna who has Rett Syndrome.  Thanks to those who made the trip out to Bergheim to see the show and support a great charity.

I met one more special guy at the resort, and here is a picture of the two of us.

More to come--



  1. Hey Collin! Do you still have five fingers on that right hand? He looks hungry. The giraffe, not you!

    Wish I could have been there.

    Luv ya!


  2. Should have kept that arm further away to see how long the tongue on your new friend it. It's amazing and they are so awesome to feed. My daughter has to at every zoo we go to that offers giraffe encounters.
    Have a Merry Christmas! And thanks for blogging!

  3. Hey Collin,
    I just saw this. Thank you. It truly was an incredible pleasure to host you. I was blessed so much by you and your heart and the heart of each of your team, that it made all the effort worth it. God bless you brother in 2010 and as I have must have said a dozen times and it still will always be my guest here at the resort whenever you have the time. Please, someday bring your precious family and take me up on it.
    Take care mi amigo,